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21 Sep : Google map will come back on iOS6 in next update(ver1.8).

Ver 1.8 will be released on or around 3rd Oct.

About app

This is an alternative to the standard maps app on iphone.

As you can guess from the name, this project was started to improve the disappointing aspect of MyMap functions on GoogleMap.

"I want to mark on maps, besides simply."
It is a general request, but the GoogleMyMap is still better than any other map apps.
However, in order to manage numerous markers, GoogleMyMap feature should not be enough.

Therefore, like a set of "iTunes + iPod", editing with your PC, bring it out on the iPhone,
that is the best combination of map app.

This app is a framework that's supposed to be used PC browser and iPhone at the same time.(The webapp is


- Jogdial smooth zooming map.

- You can edit map on PC browser GoogleMap, the iPhone can sync at any time.(please check the website

- Import data from GoogleMyMap.

- Street view + Pegman.

- Corresponds to Map rotation any time. when displayed street view, direction route, a lot of markers.

- One tap direction search. Just move map and tap route button. Can be used as car navigation systems.

- Easy to use map (loacl) search.

- Full map editing. and refined UI to make it easier to edit map on the iPhone.

- Easy to use the marker list. There is no need to move to another screen.

- Easily import map data that created by other users.

iPod touch, iPhone 3G,3GS,4,4S