Sync with

The following documents is contents of ver1.4.7.

* For smart phone user.
The each image will be magnified by tap.

First step, create or login your account.

To share data with, you need to create account or log in.

1: If you already have account, log in with the same ID/PW.

2: or you can also
create a new account from iPhone.
Its ID, PW is available at

3: or if you 
have a Google account, you can also log in with that account.

Create new account

In setting page, tap the " create a new account ".
The account also can be used in

Sync:sync with

Sync:Import data from "" to "iPhone"

The data saved in, import to your iPhone.
Please note that all data currently on the iPhone will be overwritten.

Sync:Import data from "iPhone" to ""

The data on your iPhone, export to

Sync:iPhone and

If you edit at the same time on iPhone and, sync both data.
Any data will NOT be deleted. it just merge.